Paulownia Ham  

Paulownia wood, yellow brass fittings, pine soot and oil finish. 

Mid to late nineteenth century, Kyongsang Province. 
Height Width Depth

In this ham the family of the prospective groom sent various documents (the official proposal; the groom's year, month, date and hour of birth, the details required for telling his fortune and with that the fate of the bride) and presents to the family of his betrothed a few weeks before the marriage. 
All the fittings on this box are original, though one or more may have been moved from a back position to provide a replacement for a lost fitting in a more prominent position. An antiques dealer who really respects authenticity will not use new fittings; note, as an example, that the fittings on the front bottom, which should match those at the top, are missing and have not been replaced. (Compare this ham with the aristocrat's hat ham on page 7.)
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