DRS Exercises Answers

Unit 6

A 1:a. 2:a. 3: See paragraph 3. 4: Personal interpretation. 5:c, b, a. 6:c. 7:a. 8:c. 9:b. 10:c.
B 1:b. 2:a. 3:c. 4:a. 5:a. 6:c. 7:b. 8:b. 9:c. 10:a.
C 1: was surrounded by. 2: comes out. 3: exactly. 4: walks quickly. 5: starts running. 6: to keep. 7: excited. 8: groups of four. 9: begins again. 10: has lasted.
D 1: with, in, of. 2: at, to. 3: into, in, to. 4: For. 5: to, for, from. 6: At, to, with. 7: of. 8: At, in. 9: at, of. 10: In, from.
E 1: reading. 2: breakfast. 3: It. 4: room. 5: his. 6: a. 7: heating. 8: across. 9: over. 10: gather. 11: island.
F 1: Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu; Hokkaido, Kyushu. 2: The Pacific Ocean; The Sea of Japan; the East China Sea, and the Philippine Sea; the Sea of Japan; the Philippine Sea. 3: South Korea; approximately 180 miles. 4: North Korea, China, the Soviet Union; approximately 550 miles, 500 miles and 200 miles respectively; northwest. 5: Approximately 200 miles; east; northeast; Sapporo; Sapporo. 6: Six: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe; they are capitalized. 7: Approximately 180 miles; southwest; northeast. 8: 136, 9, 46 and 142. 10: Approximately 1,200 miles; northern; western.
G 1 a) philosophy b) philosophers c) philosophically d) philosophical e) philosophize. 2 a) inferiority b) inferior. 3 a) chill b) chillly c) chill. 4 a) qualitative b) quality c) qualitatively. 5 a) prosperous b) prosperity c) prosperously d) prosper. 6 a) profitable b) profit c) profit d) profitably. 7 a) participants b) participate c) participation. 8 a) exciting b) excitement c) excitable d) excited e) excited f) excitedly. 9 a) preciseness b) Precision c) precisely d) precise. 10 a) protectively b) protection c) protector d) protect e) protective.
H 1: The working day begins with exercises, and although no one is forced to do these exercises, everyone does them. 2) The foreman said, "Yesterday the quality control inspectors caught some minor defects, so please recheck your work." 3) In a number of respects, Morita's life is inseparable from the company.
CC 1:F. 2:F. 3:T. 4:T. 5:F. 6:F. 7:T. 8:F. 9:F. 10:T.