DRS Exercises Answers

Unit 5

A 1:b. 2:c. 3:d, e, f, c, b, g, a. 4:e, b, c, d, a. 5:b. 6:a. 7:a. 8: b, c, a, d, e. 9:a.no; b.yes. c.no, b.yes, c.no, d.yes, e.yes. 10:a.
B 1:a. 2:a. 3:b. 4:c. 5:b. 6:a. 7:c. 8:a. 9:a. 10:b.
C 1: begin. 2: possible, future. 3: talk about work. 4: typing mistakes. 5: crowd. 6: in charge of. 7: advance. 8: related. 9: shaking. 10: short.
D 1: to, for, about, to. 2: to, up, about, in. 3: to (with), about, of. 4: on, of, to. 5: off with 6: in. 7: down. 8: out, of, to. 9: to, during (in). 10: of, to.
E 1: find. 2: have. 3: question. 4: What. 5: do. 6: Sit. 7: of. 8: up. 9: the. 10: have. 11: include. 12: fund. 13: a.
F Personal judgement.
G 1.a) suggest, b) suggestion. 2.a) experience, b) experienced, c) experience. 3.a) accomplishment(s), b) accomplish, c) accomplished. 4.a) referring, b) referral, c) reference. 5.a) qualified, b) qualifications, c) qualifying, d) qualify. 6.a) decisive, b) decision, c) decided (has decided, had decided, will decide). d) decisively, e) decidedly. f) deciding. 7.a) persuasive, b) persuasively, c) persuasion, d) persuaded. 8.a) discoverers, b) discovered, c) discovery, d) discovered. 9.a) competition, b) competed, c) competitors, d) competing, e) competitive, f) competitively. 10.a) action, b) act, c) act, d) active, e) actively, f) actor, g) activity.
H 1. Dr. Simon says the hardest question to answer is, "What do I want to do?" 2. Dr. Simon recommends that you do these things: 1) Make a list of your accomplishments, 2) Study this list until you see a pattern of interest emerging, and 3) Go to the library to research your field of interest. 3. Try to arrive 15 minutes early for an interview.
CC 1:F. 2: T. 3: F. 4:F. 5: T. 6:F. 7: T. 8: F. 9: T. 10: T.