DRS Exercises Answers

Unit 3

A 1b. 2a. 3c. 4a. 5b-c. 6h. 7 in sequence-achieve. 8c. 9c. 10.b.
B 1a. 2b. 3c. 4a. 5b. 6a. 7b. 8c. 9a. 10c.
C 1: specific. 2: the inability to sleep. 3: important. 4: connected. 5: only. 6: helpful suggestions. 7: to strengthen. 8: in the specific order. 9: calms. 10: takes in.
D 1: In, to, of. 2: in, under. 3: for, in. 4: within (in). 5: about, of, to, with. 6: from. 7: By, in, with. 8: out, of. 9: in, to. 10: of, into.
E 1: wakes up, gets up. 2: went to bed, fall asleep, lie awake. 3: sleep late. 4: wake me up. 5: sleep. 6: was awakened by. 7: sleepy, take a nap. 8: bedtime, awake. 9: stay in bed.
F 1: to handle. 2: manage. 3: is depleted. 4: to handle. 5: to induce. 6: has developed. 7: decrease. 8: leave. 9: performing. 10: converts tryptophan into.
G 1a: unbelievable. b: believable. c: unbelievably. d: believe. c: belief. 2a: probability. b: probably. c: probable. 3a: deplete. b: depletion. 4a: breath. b: breathe. c: breathless. d: breathlessly. 5a: Production, Productivity. b: products. c: produces. d: productive. e: productively. f: production. g: producer. 6a: incurable. b: cure. c: be cured. d: curable. e: incurably. 7a: forms. b: formation. c: formative. d: formed. 8a: anxiously. b: anxious. c: anxiety. 9a: achievement. b: achieved (will achieve). c: achievale. d: achievers. 10a: converts, conversions. b: have converted. c: Conversion. d: convertible.
CC 1 F. 2 T. 3 T. 4 F. 5 T. 6 F. 7 T. 8 F. 9 T. 10 T.