DRS Exercises Answers

Unit 2

A 1c. 2b, c. 3a. 4c. 5a. 6a. 7b. 8c. 9c. 10.a
B 1b. 2a. 3a. 4b. 5a. 6b. 7b. 8b. 9a, b.
C 1 were hidden. 2 controlled by. 3 co-workers. 4 protest. 5 huge. 6 comprise. 7 face. 8 tries to persuade. 9 to give. 10 painfully.
D 1 for, of. 2 of, to, in, for, for. 3 in, to. 4 in, by. 5 of, in. 6 for. 7 to, up. 8 up, of. 9 of, of. 10 to, up.
E 1 do. 2 that. 3 and. 4 are. 5 many. 6 educated. 7 professional. 8 whom. 9 Like. 10 Third. 11 females. 12 and. 13 a. 14. women 15 veils.
F 1a: doll, domestic, dome. b: lightning, ligneous. 2: do-mes-ti-cate. 3: pro-fes-sion-al, fam-i-ly, lib-er-a-tioin, cav-ern-ous, gen-er-a-tion, de-mand, sac-ri-fice, col-league. 4: a. 5: c. 6: doi, dohl, kay, neer. 7a: Three. b: #2. c: #1. 8a: Three. 9a: domestically. b: doilies. c: domicile. 10a: -dom. b: doggie, doggy. c: domestic, domesticate, domesticity. 11a: in the doldrums. b: in the doghouse, dollars and cents. c: by a (square). d: No, it represents the third meaning of dominate.
G 1a: equals. b: equally. c: equality. d: equals. c: equal. 2a: a lawyer. b: law. c: legal. d: legally. e: legalized. 3a: interpretation. b: interpreter. c: interpret. 4a: education. b: educator. c: educational. d: educate. e: educationally. f: educated. 5a: progressively. b: progressive. c: progress. d: progressed. c: progression. 6a: proof. b: proof. c: prove. 7a: married. b: marriage. c: married. d: marriageable. e: marrying. 8a: responsibility. b: responsible. c: responsibly. 9a: lead. b: leader. c: leading. d: lead. c: leadership. 10a: choosy. b: choose. c: choice. d: choice.
H 1: Dr. al-Awadhi had to make sacrifices for her career. 2: The problems that confronted Dr. al-Awadhi may not confront her female students because so many more women are being educated today. 3. According to Dr. al-Awadhi, Islamic law supports the equality of women, but Islamic custom has not.
CC 1 T. 2 T. 3 F. 4 F. 5 F. 6 F. 7 F. 8 T. 9 T. 10 F.