DRS Exercises Answers

Unit 1

A 1:a. 2:c. 3:a. 4:b. 5:c. 6:b. 7:a. 8:c. 9:c. 10:c.
B 1:c. 2:b. 3:a. 4:c. 5:b. 6:c. 7:a. 8:a. 9:c-a. 10:b.
C 1: predicts. 2: is crowded together. 3: swollen. 4: inhabitants. 5: groups. 6: must. 7: have risen. 8: pattern. 9: are hurrying. 10: total.
D 1: by, to, in. 2: of, for. 3: of, in: 4: with. 5: of, from. 6: to, in. 7: to, with, of. 8: for, from. 9: among. 10: by
E See paragraphs 4 and 5.
F 1: c. 2: a. 3: a. 4: Mexico City, Milan. 5: b. London, Rhine-Ruhr. 6: b, e, g, i, j. 7: c. 8: a-1, b-3. 9:b. 10: b. 11: a.
G 1a: explosion, b. explosive, c. explosively, d. are exploded. 2a: grown, b. Growing, c. growth, d. grow. 3a: is increasing, b. increasingly, c. increase, d. increasing, e. increased. 4a: projections, b. to project, c. projector, d. projected. 5a: centrally, b. center, c. central, d. center, e. centralized. 6a: social, b. sociable, c. socially. d. to socialize, e. society. 7a: demand, b. demanding, c. demands. 8a: expanse, b. expanding, c. will expand, d. expanded, e. expansion. 9a: solvable, b. have been solved, c. solution. 10a: hopeful, b. hopefully, c. hopeless, d. hopelessly, e. hope, f. hope.
CC 1: T. 2: F. 3: T. 4: F. 5: F. 6: T. 7: T. 8: F. 9: T. 10: T.