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© John Holstein
Bao Quoc, in the Forbidden City.

At Bao Quoc. If you zoom in for a closer look, you'll see that they're broken porcelein cups and dishes.

More porcelein shard decoration.
Dieude Temple.
A decaying wall in the Forbidden City.
A family shrine in the countryside.
The shrine's keepers.
Preparing memorial services at Tet. In a neighborhood home.
After I showed them their photo in the LCD they asked for the print.
A tributary of the Perfume River.
On the outskirts of Hue.
A temple in a residential neighborhood.
One of the pillars on the temple in the preceding photo. Porcelain shards here, too.
The one standing, a high school English teacher, saw me wandering the streets and invited me into his house for tea.
The Hung River, a tributary of the Pearl.
At the entrance to Thien Mu Pagoda.