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The National Palace Museum. More photos here.
Shillin Food Market. More photos here.
Chinese opera at Taipei Eye
A neighborhood shrine. The shrine's central statue follows.
Maybe this is Zhou Cang. "After Guan Yu [in Romance of the Three Kingdoms] was made a deity, Zhou Cang was made part of the holy trio, along with Guan Yu's adopted son Guan Ping. His face is often portrayed as coal black, a stark contrast to Guan Ping's pure white features, and Guan Yu's shades of red." If you know the name of this character, I'd appreciate an e-mail to
On a street downtown. The monk is facing a small temple. Seems he's asking for alms at the same time he's praying. Note the recessed and covered walkway--many streets in Taipei have this, a blessing during frequent downpours.