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Durbar Square is where the ruling king had his residence and court. In the Kathmandu Valley there are three, one in Kathmandu, one in Patan, and one in Bhaktipur. See more photos of Kathmandu's Durbur Square here.
Nepal's pedicab, or baechak. (Is 'baechak' Sanskrit? It's the same in Indonesian.)
Just outside of Durbur Square. Click here to see more sights on the walk from Kathmandu's Durbur Square to Thamel, Kathmandu's center for tourists.
Dwarika Hotel's welcome to visitors.
The Himalayas over Kathmandu, evening.
A telescopic shot of the Himalayas north of Kathmandu.
I couldn't decide which one was nastier, the boy or the snake.
Shouldering the white man's burden. Leaving Nepal, on the way to the airport we had to get out and walk two miles to the terminal because a demonstration had closed off the street. The taxi driver, without asking us (because he didn't know any English and -- Surprise! -- we didn't know Nepalese), hired three apparently jobless men as our porters. (I kept trying to tell them that the bags had wheels.)