Yangon Streets
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This is the heart of downtown Yangon. That's Sule Pagoda in the background.
(Photo by Kaliher.)
Street bazaar, Yangon.
(Photo by Kaliher.)
Not all streets in Yangon (the Burmese pronunciation of the English mispronunciation "Rangoon") are as jammed as this street just outside the heart of town. Go just a couple blocks further and you're just as likely to find a peaceful, leafy one. The photographer alerts us to the satellite dish on the roof of the building towards the end of the street.
(Photo by Kaliher.)
One of the many peaceful streets that we can enjoy in the middle of Yangon. This one is just a few blocks from downtown.
Yangon from Swedagon Pagoda. Swedagon Pagoda is in the heart of Yangon, only a few blocks from the busy commercial center (which in itself consists of no more than a flew square blocks).
The Cozy Guest House. The personable and helpful manager Kyaw-Kyaw and his sidekick "Mr. Brown," and the low price of a room, make up for the lack of splendor.