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The photos below present panoramic views of the photogenic Bagan, on Burma's Ayeyarwaddy (formerly Irriwaddy) River and one of the three greatest Buddhist sites in Southeast Asia (the others being Borobudur in Indonesia and Angkor Wat in Cambodia). Over the years the Bagan panorama has become a cliche; everyone that visits Bagan knows that, but no one can resist the temptation, and just about everyone comes up with something really fine. Presented here are panoramas from four friends.
(Photo by Weigert.)
Looking west from Anawrahta Road. The structure in the foreground, with its attending stupas, has been rennovated. The white temple on the left is That Byin Nyu Pahto. Ananda Phaya, with its gold spire, is in the center background, and Gawdapalin Pahto is in the far right background. Note the faintly visible temple on the mountain in the distance. (Photo by Barry.)
Swezandaw Phaya is the structure on the right.
(Photo by Barry.)
(Photo by Schafrick.)
This photo wins the prize for being the only photo that managed to capture a space of one square Bagan kilometer with less than 15 million structures. (Photo by Schafrick.)
Sunset from Mingala Zedi.
(Photo by Schafrick.)
This is about one tenth of Bagan. There are thousands of temples and stupas and pagodas--and guest houses and restaurants and villages--in this region, each one with its own special offering to the visitor. The temple in the upper left corner is Shwezagon Zedi.
Another area of Bagan. It just goes on and on.
That Byin Nyu Pahto is the white one on the left; Ananda Phaya is the one on the horizon.
Dhammayangyi Temple.
(Photo by Barry.)