U Phali Thein Buddha #1
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The steel frame on the walls was installed to protect the building from earthquakes like the one that destroyed many Bagan buildings and pieces of art in 1975. (For the temple itself, see "U Phali Thein.")
Note the paintings in the lower left corner; they are copies of paintings from Bagan temples. Vendors are selling these (if you're a good haggler, from $4 for the smaller ones to $15 for the bigger ones) at almost every major and even some minor temple. Don't let the fact that they are copies turn you off, because, while most of them are flawed, some of them are superb, worth lots more than the $50 you will have to pay for a frame that is worthy of them.
This Buddha is on the other side of the wall in back of the U Phali Thein Buddha #1.
Buddha murals fill all the walls in this temple. (Also see "U Phali Thein" in "Bagan" under "Culture.")