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© John Holstein
Check out photos of the 1960s and 1970s by Ken Kaliher.
Pojangmacha. We still have the streetside drinking stalls, but they're nostalgic hip now, and the people that used to use them can't anymore, because they're too expensive. (1987)
Sockho Bay (1986)
We don't drink much anymore, and we don't get all that excited about the mask dance either. (1988)
Boy at Sokcho bay, on the east coast. (1975)

The traditional Hwanghak Marketplace was bulldozed in 2005. (See more photos here.)
At Bogwang Temple. (2003)
The Tiger Club, at their weekly post-meeting ten-for-the-raod. At a makkoli house, back in 1969. (Beer was too expensive then.)
Back before Korea became a real democracy (starting in 1987), students often demonstrated against the dictatorship. In this photo Irene Holstein, on a visit to Korea, is observing a Sungkyunkwan University demonstration on the campus across the alley. The ritual, which happened several times a year on most university campuses: students gathered on campus and marched to the campus's main gate, where the riot police waited for them and, when the students started trying to get through the gate and onto the streets, the police fired teargas and the students scattered. Occsionally, though, the students made it onto the streets, and the whole neighborhood was drenched in teargas.
The granny is picking oysters, on the west coast at Cheollipo. Back in 1985.
Riverside picnic, around 1980, from the train to Andong.
Hahoe, a traditional village that the Yu clan, whose family made up over half the population, has preserved (with governemnt support). See more photos here.
"The Great Absolute" (taeguk in Korean) on the gate to an old shrine.
This typical neighborhood Chinese restaurant on Arirang Road in Donamdong fell to the redevelopers in 2005.
Through a door at Changgyeong Palace. (1985)
Bus girls gave way to coin receptacles in the 1980s and they gave way to the card readers in the new millenium. (This photo is from an exhibit at the National War Museum.)