Buddhism in Korea: Temples

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Jeondeung Temple
Cheongryang Temple
Songgwang Temple
(Ganghwa Island)
(North Gyeongsang Province)
(South Cheolla Province)
Baeknyeon Temple
Beopju Temple
Mihwang Temple
(South Gyeongsang Province, Namhae Island)
(North Chungcheon Province)
(South Cheolla Province)
Cheoneun Temple
Bongeun Temple
Yeongchwi Temple
(South Cheolla Province, Gurae)
(Seoul, Kangnam)
(Seoul, Bukhan Mountain)
Munsu Temple
Mirae Temple
Brian Barry's Buddhist Art
(Gyeonggi Province, Paju)
(South Gyeongsang Province, Tongyeong)
Many thanks to Brian Barry for his expert guidance!

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