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Callous modern Korean life. Or installation art.
A Chinese Chestnut tree in spring, at Munmyo (aka Sungkyunkwan). See more views of Munmyo here.
Friends on a mountain in the middle of Seoul
Dongmyo, shrine to the immortalized Chinese warrior Gwanu. The shrine is east of Dongdaemun. You can find more photos here.
A sweet potato oven, used on cold winter nights.
In Gwangjang Market, near Dongdaemun (East Gate). Check out some more views of the market here.
South Han River
Inseon-dong, an older city center neighborhood bordered by Jongno, Insa-dong, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo. Explore the neighborhood here.
The rapacious developers have demolished Pimatgol (Jongno 1-ga and 2-ga), but we still have the traditional roasted fish and chicken restaurants here, just west of Dongdaemun and Pyeonghwa Market.
Uijeongbu House, best mackerel and Japanese Spanish mackerel in town--except for the other restaurants in this lane by Pyeonghwa Market.
You got me.
Seoul, 1930
Different eras of the Seoul City Wall
Seoul City Wall, our defense against the North.
And you thought that was hyperbole when they told you kids are just study machines here.