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© John Holstein
The name of this city is pronounced and spelled either Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta. Both are used by the locals. The original is Jogjakarta; the story goes that the Dutch started Yogyakarta because of pronunciation limitations in Dutch.
Young teens from Sumatra put on a traditional dance at a culture festival at Universitas Gadjah Mada.
Snail dining on mosquito coil.
In the cafe at the entrance of the Mercury Guesthouse, at Prawirosata. The building and gardens were originally the home of an aristocratic family. This ancestral memorial display and the old photos of family members around it have been retained from the building's earlier days and, along with the simple but elegant architecture and its gardens, offer a substantial touch of class to the hotel. See more of this guesthouse and its ancestors here).
The walls aren't ancient ruins. They're ruins from the devastating 2006 earthquake.
A wall around a property
A band of four (two musicians and two dancers) come from a village to perform (for contributions) at a crossroads in Jogja. This is said to be dance originating in the days before Islam reached the archipelago. See more photos here.
This is either a Terminalia arjuna or a Kapok, Ceiba pentandra (based on photos on a tropical tree site on the Internet).. Here's a slightly different perspective of the same tree.
Houses on the Winongo River, downtown. Note the colors and patterns. Click here to see more from this bridge. Click here to see photos of the Winongo further from downtown..
At the silversmith's workshop. Click here for more photos.
We find graffiti all over Yogya on many buildings. You can see more here.
At the July, 2008 Jogja Art Fair.
Malioboro, Jogja's shopping center.
Not many of these traditional homes are left in town. (In fact, this one was later rennovated in 2010, as a high-end Indonesian gift shop. Fortunately, the owner saved the house and large front yard.)