Jogjakarta Environs
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© 2013 John Holstein
A homestead on Bukit Bintang Hills, east of Jogja.
Train station on the way to Solo.
Ibu Sarjunis, batik artisan. Her shop is in Bebekan, near Imogiri, about 50 km southeast of Jogja.
Unrepaired earthquake damage from around 2004, appearing with the greenery more like the gardens of an ancient Roman villa. In a kampong just south of Jogja.
Did they get their boat out past the rough surf here at Parangtritis? See their battle with the surf here.
Borobudur Temple, built in the 9th century A.D. See a couple more photos here. There are many Web sites that give attention to Borobudur; here's one good one.
Prambanan Hindu temple, outside Jogjakarta. This photo was taken before the earthquake of 2006.
Prambanan in 2010. The temple still hasn't been fully repaired.
Check out the voodoo doll hanging by the door, in the next photo.
Mount Merapi, just north of Jogja, always threatening to blow.
Merapi during the rainy season. There are more views of Merapi here and here.
The Banyan tree at Mendut Temple (built in 824 A.D.). See more here.