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Kali Code Part II
Indonesia Update 2015-01
Kali Code 2015-01
The River Walks

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© 2010 John Holstein
Kali (River) Code is one of three rivers that run through Jogjakarta. It flows from Merapi and empties into the sea at Parangtritis beach. The people who live along it are poor but put maintain a clean, colorful environment.
Most of the river is bordered on both sides by such a walk.
The boy's blind father is taking the boy out to dance on the street after school for contributions.
This old gentleman is collecting ash from the river bottom. He sells it for use in construction.
This lady makes and sells the general health tonic jamu.
A kentongan, the security sounder that the neighborhood watch uses to alert the nerighbors to different security statuses. Every neighborhood has this hollowed wood sounder.
Nusantara.com: "Semar is perhaps the most venerable of all the punakawan and probably the best loved in all wayang. Though a comical retainer, Semar is in fact the most powerful of all Gods in the wayang genre and on occasions Batara Guru (the Hindu god Siva) has to submit to him." The explanation continues here.
This mural is on a wall in the neighborhood. Nusantara.com: "The clown-servants (or punakawan) who wait on the heroes and villains of the original shadow-puppet play, are portrayed as grotesquely misshapen figures. A number of punakawan can be found serving both good and evil characters. The most famous of the clowns are Semar and his supposed sons, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong, all of who are servants to good characters in the wayang." More from Nusantara here.
Pandawa Lima: The Pandawas are five brothers in the Mahabarahta, the Indian epic that come to 5,000 pages in translation; the Pandawas were the protagonists. Read more about the Pandawas here.
Since many homes don't have running water, the city provides it in communal facilities.
A house wall painted in a batik motif.
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