Mumbai Streets
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© John Holstein
In 1947 England left India but left behind a lot of beautiful buildings. See more of these beauties here.
The dabbawala at work. How is it possible for the dabbawala to get enough to live on from the low price that his clients are able to pay?
These works of graffiti adorned a long wall along the railroad. I tried to visit another place it's said we can find graffiti, but the taxi driver gave me the old wild goose chase. See more graffiti art here.
Street kids. Contrary to Mumbai's reputation, Mumbai now has almost no beggars on its streets.
A popular dance craze in Mumbai that has spilled onto the streets.
In the old quarter (Fort and Colabra) there are lots of these colorful lanes branching off the spacious main streets.
Parent and child banyon trees
Oh, now I get it!
North of the old quarter, nearing the airport.