Shanghai and Environs, December 2012
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© 2012 John Holstein
The Bund. View the interesting photos at this nice website for Shanghai.
East Nanjing Road, world-famous walking and shopping street. Spend your trip to China comparing global chain stores here with their identical siblings in other major cities. Like, the lines are longer in the East Ninjing KFC than in the Bangkok KFC.
The subject of his painting is the subject of the photo above.
East Nanjing, generally the same spot that the artist positioned himself.
The YuYuan Garden. Check out more sights of the garden here.
JinZe is a small town a couple hours' metro and bus ride from downtown Shanghai, known for its traditional architecture and atmosphere. It has not lost the traditional atmosphere to commercial interests and is definitely worth a day trip. Even the newer part of town has a sweet personality. See more photos of this amazing town here.
For more views of the fascinating world-class Shanghai Museum, follow this link.