In and Around Siem Reap
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The Siem Reap River. See more photos here.
A hearty meal for $1, at a commoners' open-air restaurant in the market. (See the next photo.)
Very good food at very good prices, in the Old Quarter.
The relatively new and uninspiring Wat Preah Rom Rath in downtown Siem Reap
In a residential neighborhood about a kilometer from the Old Quarter. Click here for more photos.
Wat Bo, in a residential neighborhood. To see more photos of this lovely wat, click here.
A deserted residence just outside the Angkor area. Note the statue of the divinity guarding the gate.
Wat Pre EnKauSe, along the Siem Reap River. See more photos here.
Coming back to Siem Reap from the Angkor temples.